Dirty Lola is a sex edutainer, performer and dildo slinger. She has spent the last 6 years working to end stigma, shame, and lack of accurate and accessible sex education available through her live sex Ed Q&A and variety show, Sex Ed A Go Go and her job as manager of the woman run and owned sex shop, SHAG. She began her journey into sex education by sharing her personal discoveries in the kink and polyamory worlds with the internet. Now she uses that knowledge along with her warm, no holds barred approach to body and sex positivity to teach the masses. Lola has presented her brand of sex education and positivity at a variety of events and venues, including Catalyst Con, The Sex Expo, Southwest Love Fest, Baruch College, Hofstra University, UNF and UNM. She is currently taking her message to a wider audience as co-host and producer of the web series Sex Probz.